you must be truly desperate

does anyone know what kind of shoes wednesday addams wears? i can’t find a photo of her that shows her feet omg

why is this still getting notes i can’t believe this

why is this still getting notes i can’t believe this



Cast out onto a frozen rock.

"You’re gonna lose. It’s not in your nature."

i miss tumblr a lot mostly because whenever i was feeling depressed or unhappy, there was always at least someone on here that had something positive to say. i wish i could get back into this site like i used to be but i feel super distanced from it now because it’s been so long. my fandom is way different than it was when i kind of quit so i feel lost on here now. ghhh

You are wonderful and have a fantastic sense of humor! You're sooo considerate and you've helped me to feel better a lot of times, even when you didn't even know it. You make me and a lot of other people laugh and smile and you're an absolutely adorable, cute, amazing person!!! Please have a good day; I believe in you!!! uvu

i probably got this a long time ago but i just now saw it. i needed this now probably more than i did when it was sent. thank you so much that’s really sweet of you to say






Don’t cry don’t cry DON’T CRY DON’T CRY DON’T—


Yeah no but seriously. Read it.

Holy fuck that twist.

That is some fine writing.

Oh… OH wow.




if you need a laugh just pause this at any point [via]

every moment of this vine is true perfection



"aren’t you too old for anime?"



people were writing “hot or not” lists on the bathroom stalls when i was in 8th grade and the dean of students came on the morning announcements and said something i will never forget “we’ve got some bad apples at this school… and it’s applesauce season”