you must be truly desperate

so we had a 100 question final. i only missed two.. and one of them that i missed oh my god i hate myself

it said “We’re going to learn to be expert _____.”

A) Toilet flushers     B) BSers

C) Floor sweepers   D) PSers

OK WELL.. in school our instructor has always been like “if you screw up just act cool about it and BS your way through it” and I LITERALLY DO NOT EVER REMEMBER LEARNING WHAT THE HELL “PS” WAS SUPPOSED TO MEAN SO I GENUINELY THOUGHT “BULLSHITTERS” WAS THE CORRECT ANSWER.

i later find out that apparently we had learned “PSer” means “Problem Solver” so… i guess while everyone else is a problem solver i’m just going to be over here bullshitting

  1. snap-n-clap said: irl salon setting….you BS more than you PS
  2. fandomsandwich said: Shhh I always tell people I have a BA in BS.
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